Custom Cooler Designs

Custom Designs.

MC2 has provided customers with a variety of custom cooling designs for military systems and commercial products. Our microchannel and micro-impingement cooling technology has been used for relatively exotic applications such as leading edges for hypersonic vehicles and combustion chambers for rocket engines. This design and fabrication flexibility can be harnessed to meet even the most challenging design requirements. Larger coolers, coolers with specialty surface features, coolers with unusual exterior shapes, or coolers with customized internal cooling circuits can be developed quickly and at low cost. Typical customization options include:

  • Performance Range
  • Material Selection (Cu, Al, Stainless Steel, etc.)
  • Geometry (Size, shape, special mounting features)
  • Instrumentation (Imbedded thermocouples)
  • Multiple Cooling Zones
  • Coolants
    • Alternate coolants
    • Multiple coolants
    • Multiple fluids with internal heat exchange

For example, each component of the laser shield assembly shown at the top of the page had multiple cooling zones, each with its own target temperature and heat flux. Cooling was routed in series through the three components, with each component feeding the next. Coolant was routed around laser windows, with higher performance cooling included around the window frames.