Microchannel Coolers

Small to Large Cooling Areas, Conformal Cooling, Spatially-Tailored Cooling, Alternate Materials & Coolants

Ultra-Compact Heat Exchangers

Gas-Liquid & Liquid-Liquid Heat Exchangers, Recuperators, Evaporators and Condensers

Analytic Services

State-of-the-Art CFD & FEA Analysis for Thermal, Fluid, Structural, and Multiphysics Problems

Nosetips/Leading Edges for Hypersonic Vehicles

Transpiration-Cooled, Film-Cooled, Internally-Cooled Structures for High Heat Flux Environments

Rocket Engine Components

Combustors, Throats & Nozzles

Antennas/Antenna Windows for Hypersonic Vehicles

Thermal Protection in a Hypersonic Environment Without Degradation of Transmission

Ongoing R&D: Turbine Engine Heat Exchanger

Providing Cooled Cooling Air With an Integrated Fuel-Air Heat Exchanger

Recent R&D: HXs w/Anisotropic Conductance

Using Anisotropic Conductance to Reduce Longitudinal Conduction Penalities in Cryogenic Heat Exchangers

Recent R&D: Advanced Turbine Blade Cooling

Advanced Cooling Design Enables 350o Increase in Turbine Inlet Temperature